No longer can your success depend on the old school insurance model of passive liability and property protection and outdated employee benefits program strategies.

What’s needed to keep your manufacturing business and income growing is MIS 360, an entirely new approach that proactively gives you control over every area of risk, reduces related costs, increases employee satisfaction, and saves you a significant amount of time and money.


As a member of the Illinois Manufacturers Association (IMA), you have exclusive access to the most comprehensive, cost-effective professional services cooperative in the State of Illinois. With MIS 360, you are the central focus of a cooperative network of top-rated consultants, specialists, and other manufacturing business professionals who are on call with free consulting services.

Already have an attorney? Now you have additional back up in specific legal specialties. Do you employ an HR department? Now you can give them expanded depth to make smart decisions about employee policies that will stop future problems and seize future opportunities today.

It all adds up to substantial savings while bringing new, game-changing control to every facet of your manufacturing business. MIS 360 gives you the tools to talk to someone with a solution for almost any problem, right away.

A LONG, HARD LOOK. You begin with our exclusive Proposal System. With it we’ll analyze aspects of potential risk, including HR, Disaster Preparations, Legal, Safety, and so much more. This gives you a clear idea of the cost savings that only MIS 360 can provide you.

AN ACTION PLAN. You’ll have access to top-notch solutions for every risk highlighted in our business assessment. Working with MIS 360 not only secures you a plan, but peace of mind.
THE SMARTEST MINDS ON CALL. You’ll get instant access to the MIS 360 Specialist Network for free consultations with legal, HR, marketing, accounting, technology, and information security issues, to name a few. You’ll never waste money on an important legal question again.

THE BOTTOM LINE. Think of what you’ll do with all the money that MIS 360 can save you… And what it will mean for the future of your manufacturing business Anything is possible!

Input how many employees you have to find how much you could save with MIS 360!

With the expanding MIS 360 Specialist Network, you’re never without the tools you need.

You’ll receive unlimited access to MIS 360’s expert counselors. They’ll provide advice and solutions for your manufacturing business.

Let’s start today by changing the game for your manufacturing business and your future. MIS 360 is provided exclusively to members of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association (IMA). Through the expanding MIS 360 Specialist Network, you’re never without the tools you need.